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41 HPZ#4 Shingles immune support

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This blend may help the immune system to fight Herpes Zoster, Shingles, Mumps, Measles and chicken pox. This rememdy has 72 dry capsules and 2 tinctures.The statements have not been evualated FDA and you take at your own risk. Depending on your state of health your symptoms may not disappear for a few days after starting this remedy. This remedy may increase your symptoms in the first few days--this is normal when getting to the roots of a problem. You can never be cured of a virus as it retreats back into your spinal nerves and may reappear later again in life due to stress, worn down immune system due to another disease or poor nutrition. These blends are dropped shipped to you from the factory and may arrive at the longer end of the 3-14 days as they are made on demand and not kept in stock. This may get rid of your pain within the first hour of taking it.

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3 - 3 of 28 results