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All shipping for purchses below $200.00 are $9.95. If you spend more thatn $200.00 then your shipping is free to any of the 50 United States, usually with USPS priority mail. It is too difficult to keep up with all the import/export requirements for shipping out of the states. So if you are in a foreign county then please give me a shipping address of somebody you know here in the states that can forward it to you. One Spaniard ws in Mexico but he did not have an importers license. He was at the post office and was 2 feet away from his herbs but he needed this license to pick up his package. I did recieve the package back from Mexico 2 months later. He had to have the items shipped to a friend that was visiting Mexico and she put thm into her purse. Canada doesn't allow certain herbs and if it is on the labels when they open the box the receiver is hit with an import tax. Sorry about the restrictions about helping my overseas friends. One country in Africa basically stated on theiir import form what is it and how much is it worth and the retired Italian man received his USPS priority mail package in 10 business days without having to pay additional fees--but his I'm sure was an exemption to the rule. Canadian paperwork has taken me over an hour of my time to fill out the forms--so I'm sorry Canadians, I have to have a USA address.

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