510 Brainy Play Essential Fatty acids

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This liquid tincture is made of high quality wholesome fish oil, DHA, Linolenic, GLA, Oleic and other natural oils.This is one of the childrens's vitamin blends. Children 2-4 take 1ML per day and children 4 years and older are to take 2ML daily. This formula provides nutritional support for vital organs. This supplies the essential fatty acids in a healthy ratio to promote healthy heart, brain and nervous system development. This contains odorless fish oil as well as flax, borage and coconut oil. The FDA has not approved these statements and your child is taking this nutritional formula at his or her own risk. This is a well rounded daily supplement recommended for growth of our children. This product is not kept in stock in my shop in Burbank so all orders will be shipped directly from the factory via UPS.

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