Bonez play for bone growth 508

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This liquid calcium formula is a bone builder that has vitamin D3, vitamin K2, satrontium, boron and zinc added to it. This formulas has the best known ingredients that research and science has determined to make helathy bones for children (and Adults). Just take one tablespoon a day. If the consistancy inside the bottle is rather thick I add water after a few ounces of the formulas is used and then shake it for a while and always keep this in the refigerator.  This children's calcium is compared to the adults formula is the same, just the dosage is lowered for the children's blueberry flavored and the adult's orange cream flavored liquid. The FDA has not evualted these stements and you take this healthy liquid at your own risk. If you are a woman past child bearing years, or a child growing then I recommed a calcium supplement for you to use aloong with multi-vitamin and mineral formulas for best overall health outcomes.

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