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This blend may help eye health; contains animal RNA/DNA tissue. May help to relieve eye stress and strain. Supports the optic center of the brain. Supplies the nutrients for clearer vision. This blend is usually purchased with the B-Brain blend#12, to increase circulation to the head area. This formula may be indicated for students, older people, those who do close work, and diabetics. Contains rue herb, eye bright, vitamin A, niacin and much more. This blend, as most of the systemic formulas is also available as a tincture for taking this formulas in a different method--concentrated tinctures are #2001 - 2494. Sometimes the liquid tinctures energeticly test differently than the dry capsules. Both the dry and tincture formulas work extremly well for maintaining eye health. The FDA does not approve of these statements and you take this remedy at your own risk. It may take several bottles of this formula along with liver formulas to "change" your vision--in Chinese medicine the liver is related to eyesight and most programs to restore any part of your body, usually involves using liver support nutritional herbs. The FDA has not evualated these statements and you are taking this blend at your own risk and can not return it. It is not inteneded to treat, cure, diagnose or prevent any disease.

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