Digest Ds18

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 This Digest Stimulate or stabilizer may soothe and restructer the digestive system. This formula is a milder form of D-Digest blend#17. This is an excellent broad spectrum digestant aid. The FDA hasn't evualated this statement and you will use at your own risk. It is recommended you take one or two capsules with every meal, especially large feasts. I also recommend taking a digestive supplement when eating out to help prevent food poisoning discomfort. The digestive aids are stocked at my store in Burbank and usually ship within the 3 day time period. The longer time period of 14 is in case I run out of stock and have to wait for resupply. Contains Kola nut, Spearmint, animal RNA/DNA tissue and many other ingredients. This is not a prescription and is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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