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34 HPS#1 Oral Herpes

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This blend of 72 dry capsules and 2 tinctures will help your immune system affect the results of this virus. If you have a type one and type 2 herpes outbreak at the same time it is best to do both sets at the same time. Taking this product may increase your symptoms for the first few days before it the symptoms dissapate. The virus hides inside our nervous system and can return under periods of stress. Taking this remedy may help to remove symptoms of this virus for longer periods of time. It is not recommended to cover up the symptoms while on this blend for faster results.  M720 Blood detox may help with the itchyness and can safely be added to this protocol. The FDA has not evualated these statements and you will be receiving this formula dropped shipped from the factory so it will take more than 3 business days to receive this product. The manufacturer does not allow me to list the ingredients of this 50 year old formula. These are non returnable and you are taking this at your own risk.

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2 - 2 of 28 results