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845 HomoCysteine TLR

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HomoCysteine TLR-Thiolactone Redux Support, 60 caps

A comprehensive formula and next generation of natural support for the body’s innate homocysteine methylation processes, innovated by Dr. Shayne Morris.

Provides essential homocysteine nutrients and herbalomic ingredients for homocysteine-thiolactone, a toxin that attacks many types of proteins, especially in the blood and brain.

The key benefits of this formula:
· Increases the required nutrition to decrease oxidative stress, hydrogen peroxide, and organophosphate pesticides and glyphosate
· Increases the PON1 enzyme in the liver and kidneys that detoxifies homocysteine thiolactone and protects the body from LDL cholesterol oxidation
· Antioxidants that protect the heart, cardiovascular system, and the brain from the dangerous metabolic chemicals of elevated homocysteine
· Provides key micronutrients required to convert homocysteine to glutathione
· Provides 3 forms of vitamin B12, essential for homocysteine metabolic pathways

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212 - 212 of 212 results