WO YANG Oil 260

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This 1/2 ounce "miracle" healing oil is from a Chinese formula that is thousands of years old. This is the yellow, hot or yang oil as opposed to the EE Yin oil. This can be used with the ecalyptus spray from Premier Research also available on this site. If you pruchase either of these oils please email me and I'll forward the many uses for both of these wonderful oils. This oil can be used to restore your gums but be careful not to get it on your tooth enamal as it wil dissolve your teeth. This is also recommended to apply to your skin if you are fighing warts. You could also be taking the Monstery of Herbs kits for the plantar or regular wart reduction. These statements have not been approved by the FDA and you ae using this oil at your own risk as a first aid kit in a bottle. Keep out of eyes and mucous membranes.  This high Yang oil is designated for the active and stimulating bioenergetic life force. Helps to heal extermal trauma.

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