UT Cran Ultra

UT Cran Ultra

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This nutraceutical Urinary Formula feactures a poatented cranberry extract to promote urinary tract health featuring CranEX-125 mg per capsule. This is recommended for women (and men) that constantly get reaccuring yeast and bladdder infections. This concentrated cranberry formula is usually recommended along with sysemic Formula's K and Ks formulas that also supply nutrition to this area of the body. The FDA has not approved these messsages and you may take several days on this blend to feel relief and may continue to use it daily as a preventative herbal supplement. If you are having sex then I'd also recommend that your partner take this remedy along with you as extra protection and to prevent a possible reinfection from your partner. This is highly effective to treat recurrent bladder issues. This has the highest concentration of proanthrocyanidins ever achieved.

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