N3 Relaxa #75

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This nervous system support is a general pain reliever and sleep aid. It will may make you drowsy and is not recommended to take during the daytime. Please use the Nc formula#77 for daytime pain relief. This formula may enhance relaxation and is recommended to take at bed time. Start with 2 capsules and if you didn't get a restful sleep then up it to 3 capsules and reduce back to 2 capsules after a week or so. It can be swapped out with DREM#427--DREAM is another fine sleep aid. The FDA has not approved these statements and you may or may not get the results stated above. You are at your own risk of taking this herbal combination. It is not recommended to take this with any chemical or prescription sleep aids. This product is always in stock and I use it or the DREM when traveling to help me transition during time zone travel. Contains calciu, niacin, blue vervain, valerian root, passion fruit, saw palmetto, yarrow flowers, mandrake root, mormon tea, stone root, tryptophan and more.

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