660 Mela optimal Terrain systemic enzymes

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This enzyme and hergbal complex helps to alleviate core causes of undefined body aches, pains and general malaise due to enzyme challenges inside your body. This formula helps to replenish your key enzyme reservoir and complements other nutritional blends. This is recommended for Lyme sufferers and as an asist to achy joints and arthritis pain along with the ARTA-arthristis and JOT-joint-sisc-cartilage pain reduction formulas. The FDA hs not approved of any of these statements and you are taking this food suppplement at your own risk, usually 2 capsules twice per day between meals. And if you are out of any digestive aid you are takig then use this with meals to help digest food but it is a much better systemic enzyme formula than a digestive aid. Contains patented stuzyme enzyme, lipase, papain, bromelain, tumeric leaves, heart rna/dna factors, rose hips, pimiento hulls, poria fungus root and more. Contains no fillers--just the herbs and enzymes.

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