ABC probiotics 100

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This probiotic formula contains healthy bacteria for your gut. It is either this formula or the MBC#138 microbiome colonizer probiotic that is recommeded to my clients. For serious cases I recommend taking both because of the different strains introducted into our digestive tract. This formulas is great to use when taking the fiber-FBR#131 that feeds the probiotics for better absorption. There are more bacteria in your body that there are cells of your body and we need to maintian this environment for optimim health. Taking probiotics is recommended when taking formulas to fight parasites and fungus within our bodies. As the bad pathogens die off , they leave a space for the good bacteria to latch onto your intestinal wall helping to destroy the harmful and health threatening pathogens that are growing inside of us. The FDA has not approved of any of these statements so you are taking this bacterial colonizer blend at your own risk. It is usually recommended to take 2 capsules upon awaking first thing in the morning and waiting 10-20 minutes before eating any foods. Some clients take one capsule between meals and others feel best when taking them at bedtime. The waste products of the good bacteria are useful B vitamins! Probiotics are best kept in the refrigerator.

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