Colon S14

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This colon blend maybe safe to take to rebuild regualar bowel habits for several months at a time. This blend will not force a bowel movement unless you take at least 5 capsules. If you are having severe difficulties going #2 then please purchase the Purge blend# 570 or Kleanx E#569 for extra bowel and colon nutritional support. These Purge formulas are very strong and not recommended to be taken long term becasue of their strength. This Colon blend works great along with the purge as the colon blend is a "retrainer" supplement to help your large intestin restore peristalitc action. This formula may help with toxin eliminating and help to soften the stool. The FDA has not evualated these statements and this is not a prescription. This product is not intended to treat, diagnose, cure or prevent any disease and is taken at  your own risk and can NOT be returned or refunded.

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