Restore #6

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The Biocommand formulas may help to accelerate the healing of damaged tissues. If you have been on a formula for several rounds then I would recommend taking Systemic Numbers 1-6 of the Bio-command blends to stimulate your body's immune system in alternate directions for possible faster healing. The FDA has not approved of this statement so you will take at you own risk. Since this bottle is only 30 capsules I usually pair it up with another bio-command blend with 30 capsules for my clients--the activator#1, Builder#2 or the stabilizer#5. One capsule is recommend once per day to make this formula last for most 30 day supplement programs. Contains animal RNA/DNA factors, yarrow, goldenseal and more. This blend may help to accelerate healing of tissues whether the damage was caused by accident, aging or surgery. This is not a prescription and is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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