Zinc Assay Liquid

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1 fl oz = $1.87

This liquid zinc sulfate is the same as the Systemic Formulas ZNC liquid supplement and may be substituted for each other in orders depending on the amount in stock. Increased zinc in your body will help with your sense of smell. The FDA has not approved of these statements and you are taking this at your own risk. I recommend performing the zinc taste taste with your first bottle--hold one teaspooon or more depending on your doctor's recommendation in your mouth and count to 10. If it tastes like water, or has absolutely no taste at all before the number 4 then you ned this product. If you taste something "fuzzy" or like eating chaulk before you get to the number 4 then you don't need to currently take this supplement. Easy way to test your self for this amazing immune support mineral. The FDA does not approve of statements about vitamins and minerals and you are taking this at your own risk.

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