Natures Root Hemp Coffee Scrub 4 oz

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Ingredients: Organic coffee, organic coconut oil, organic ground hemp seed, organic green tea and organic olive oil.  This product is formulated to soothe, moisturize and improve problem skin. The groun hemp seed is a superior exfoliate, while its oil works as a non-clogging agent that thelps to reduce the size of pores and the number of blackheasd. Hemp seed oil is a recommended treatment for psoriasis and eczema. It has been shown to protect skin from free radicals and may supply anti-inflammatory benefits that reduce redness. Coconut oil is known for moisturizing and may help with scar damage. The coffee and green tea contain a significant amount of caffeine, which when applied to the face, appears to tighten skin and improve the appearance of puffy or baggy eyes. Superior exfoliate; Improves appearance of puffy and baggy eyes; Non-clogging agent; Protects skin from free radicals; Moisturizing; & Appears to tighten skin & pores.

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