508 High Blood Pressure Relief #1

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HBP #508 is one of 2 blends designed to help your body lower your blood pressure. Since it is herbal and if your blood pressure is low it will not let your body drop your blood pressure too low as if you took too many chemical blood pressure drugs. Some of the ingredients are horsetail leaf, hawthorn berries, garlic bulb and chickweed. This is a bottle of 100 capsules and if your blood pressure is really high you will still need to exercise more and alter your diet for best results while on this formula. Usually clients start with 2+2+2=6 capsules per day--2 at each meal. And as your blood pressure reduces you reduce the amount of capsules taken form 6 to 4 to 2 to one capsule per day as you get healthier. Sometimes this blend is rotated with #509--HPB#2 for quicker results. The FDA does not approve of these statements and you are taking this at your own risk. You can also check the Premier Research BP complex on this site and the Ga-adrenal blend to help reverse your symptoms. Contains:  horsetail leaf, hawthorn berry and 2 more.

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