Healing Practices at Paramount Herbs LLC

Weekend hours are available at Paramount Herbs LLC in Long Beach becasue sometimes you just want to avoid the traffic in Los Angels during the work week. Burbank has 2 freeways--the 605 and 405 so Paramount Herbs LLC is easy to get to! If you perfer not to drive to Long Beach then a telephone session is ideal for you. Dr. Jon wil intuit the energy that you are needing and recommend herbal remedies this way and if you are diagnosed with a condition then this of course will be treated along with the remedies chosen that are getting to the root of your current problems. Healing requires going backwards with everything you ever suffered from and clearing that toxic energy from your system.

Attention past patients of Dr. Louis J. Marx, MD of Malibu, California and Douglas Phillips, MD, Florida. His patients have been referred to Paramount Herbs LLC for Muscle testing and continuation of your herbal treatments. Since Dr. Marx, MD has past away, Dr. Jon has provided the same quality services with one major difference---Dr Jon does NOT prescribe or recommend prescrition medicine along with the herbal treatments. If you are currently on any prescrition drugs it is recommended that you finish the course of the drug or antibiotic and not just stop it without your licensed Medical professional stoppping this chemical. Paramount Herbs LLC does NOT accept insurance or any other third party payment. Credit and debit cards are accepted at the time of service. Checks are only accepted from existing clients so a bad check isn't received again at Paramount Herbs LLC. Some clients do deduct the payments for services and herbs from Paramount Herbs in thier taxes--see your accountant for more information. Large foreign orders will be sent a Bitcoin address for purchases.