RV Renavator oil 245

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This oil must be shaken before each use as it has no emulsifiers added to keep the ingredients from separating. It is a natural support blend for the skin as it is a toner and tuning agent. It is an effective emollient, skin soother and moisturier (for sunburn relief). Use this for rashes and all types of burns. Moisturizes repairs and brings relief to dry, chapped and or sunburned skin. The FDA has not approved of these statements and you are applying this fantastic moisturizer to your skin at your own risk. I personally keep one bottle in my travel bag. Contains aloe vera oil; jojoba oil; vitamin E; myrrh gum; cassia oil, rose petal oil; lily of the valey oil and more. Shake before each use as this blend does not have emulsifiers to keep the oils from separating.

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