Melatonin drops 2 oz

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This 2 Fluid ounce, live source, non-synthetic source of sleep and memory support also helps maximize brain function. It may also help with weightloss when taken every night. You only have to take 1/4 dropper to help you at bedtime. The FDA has not approved of these statements and depending on your state of health you may not be helped by this blend for several days. DO NOT USE MORE THAN 1/4 dropper AS RECOMMENDED. Personally, I use this when traveling as it is a small bottle to carry and if you do more than 1/4 dropper and don't have at least 8 hours of uninterupted sleep time you wil get that dragging feeling in the morning. But if you use less than recommended you should never get that drowsey morning feeling like you do when taking this as a tablet from other companies. Melatonin is basically used for people that have trouble falling asleep. If you wake often during the night please add Drem, ALM or relaxa to your order. Or order from

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