Gold Immune Plus support 435

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The main ingredient is goldenseal which acts as an antibiotic which makes this a powerful herbal infedtion fighter. Contains Lomatium dissectum oil, an American Indian healing plant. This also contains vitamin B3, Niacin which may cause you to slightly flush. To reduce the flushing effect you can take this with a meal. This is a reaction in some people that just shows you that your blood vessels are dialiating and letting in more blood flow--if you feel this effect on your skin just imagine the blood flowing into your deeper tissues. The reaction usualy disapates quickly and you can drink some water or exercise to flush it out faster. The FDA dos not approve of these statements you are taking this remedy at your own risk, usually 2-8 capsules per day depending on your state of health. May help to reduce acne. This is added to most programs of people suffering from a deep seated bacterial infections. Contains vitamins C, B6, B1, sterilized yeast, rose hips, elderberry flower, garlic and more.

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