KDIR Fluidren Diuretic 450

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This KDIR formula is a gentle but effective kidney diuretic and stimulant. Works well with other Kidney support formulas for reducing edema and premenstrual weight gain. Helps kidneys process fluids and helps the kidneys to remove stones by helping to break them up or dissolve them. The FDA has not approved of these statements and you are taking this at your own risk. By assisting the kidneys to push out the stones your back pain may increase and it is recommended to buy the Premier Research liquid green tea supplement to reduce the pain that these stones can cause. The green tea can remove the pain within seconds and you wil still need some of the Kidney formulas: K, Ks or KDIR at a minimum to get rid of the stones. And another herbal program to help your body to stop making the stones in the first place. Contains manganese chelate, cha de bugre leaves, buckhorn herb, epsom salt, saw palmetto, snake root, juniper berries and more.

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