EE YIN Oil 225

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This 1/2 ounce Yin energy, healing oil is great to use on your joints after a chiropractic adjustment. It also helps to relieve pain. You can put a drop or two on your tongue and it freshens your breath. Brings relief to aches, pains and bruises. Keep out of your eyes and mucous membranes. HIgh "Yin" or Chinese designation for the receptive, alkalizing, bioenergetic force. I recommend buying this and the eucalyptus oil from Premier Labs and mixing the 2 inside the glass botle sprayer for a very fast and effetive pain relief. The FDA doesn't approve of these statements. This oil is also great to use on your "3RD" eye before yoga or meditation. When you purchase this product or the WO oil, please email me and I'll forward you information about these "miracle" oils as a word file.

Also if you would like a spray b ottle then order the eucalyptus spray and use it up and then pour the EE or WO into the oil and it seems more fast acting when emersed inside this oil.

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